the world’s best 4 cake shops and bakeries

Who doesn’t enjoy cookies, cakes, pies and pastries? Everybody likes them. If you ever hear a negative answer to this question, politely tell them that if that’s true, they didn’t taste the good stuff. Here are 4 locations where you can direct these people to see what a truly delicious baked product tastes like. If this doesn’t change their minds, they’re either in denial or lying to you for fun.

La Patisserie de Reves

First stop: London. I know the name is French but this amazing cake shop is located in the capital city of Great Britain. The brand originated in Paris and expanded to London. You have to try their Childhood Pastries collection that includes a crunchy pastry that melts in your mouth: Saint Honore. Make sure to try the vanilla and red fruits Charlotte with a lime sponge biscuit filled with a mix of vanilla cream, raspberry mouse and other things.

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

If you want to remain local, go to this bakery in New York. It all started in 1973 when Eileen baked cheesecakes from her apartment. Three years later, this woman launched a wholesale business. There are 25 types of cheesecake to choose from. Maybe you like pina colada, red velvet or salted caramel. You will find all these at Eileen’s shop near Little Italy in NYC.

Café Diglas

Going back to Europe, we stop in Vienna, the capital city of Austria. This is a traditional coffee house that’s been in business for more than 140 years. You will find the best apple strudel in the entire city at only 100 m from the Stephanplatz, the location of Café Diglas. Make sure to try the cream-filled crumble cake and the gateaux chocolate with orange and Chantilly cream. Don’t leave Vienna without enjoy an evening in this place especially if you love live piano performances.

Sadaharu Aoki

The name already suggests an Asian influence. Fly to this cake shop in Tokyo to taste amazing Franco-Japanese patisserie creations.  Don’t forget to order the black sesame éclair and of course the matcha croissant. Order a smoky tea with your éclair and you will feel like you’ve tasted a little piece of heaven.

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Kind Words

“When your Saturday morning plans get rained out there's no better place to go!” – Courtney & Caroline
“My family and friends are still talking about the spectacular lavender flavored cake!!! :)” – Veronica
“I will continue to recommend BIRD bakery to everyone I know. You have a truly special place!” – Christi
“WowwaWeeAH!! The cupcakes are ahhhhmazing! The bakery is so charming.”” – Hanky
“If my girlfriend died and went to heaven I imagine that this is where she would expect to wake up.”” – Jesse
“This little bakery is ADORABLE. The ladies working were absolutely sweet and helpful as can be.”” – Vivian
“BIRD bakery... Spectacular. It is what you want to see and smell when you think of a bakery.”” – Ryan
“Thank you so much for my 40th birthday cake! It was excellent quality as usual!”” – Vesta
“The children at The Children’'s Shelter were treated to your delicious cupcakes on Wednesday.”” – Anais
“The fresh cupcakes, sandwiches, and awesome staff always make this place a must stop!”” – Jennifer
“Despite all the delicious options, the best part about BIRD isn’'t the food... It’'s the service.”” – Amanda
“A friend and I discovered this place one evening by chance and have been back almost every day!”” – Kristin
“We were SO pleased with the cake! It was adorable and tasted delicious.” – Danielle
“I was very happy with the cake. I ordered this cake because I had it one time before and it was delicious.” – Adriana
“The cake was wonderful. We had tons of great compliments about how it tasted.” – Alison
“We LOVE this cake and were very happy with the order… it was a hit!”” – Cheree & George
“I was so excited to see our cakes on our wedding day! They came out exactly like I imagined.” – Kara
“We love the flavors, the freshness of the cakes, the pricing and the wonderful customer service.” – Marisa