how to choose the perfect wedding cake

It’s been said that the wedding day is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Everything has to be perfect, or so the bride and groom think. Everything from flowers to food must be in absolute shape. The band must be extraordinary and the cake nothing less than delicious. We are going to help you with the last part: choose the best cake for your special day.

Don’t make these mistakes

Here are the worst mistakes you can make when choosing a wedding cake. The first and most important one is leaving this decision for the last moment. The best bakeries take orders weeks in advance and you risk having to turn to mediocre bakeries or to not find one at all on such short notice.

The second mistake to avoid is letting everyone provide input on how the cake should taste and look. It’s impossible to satisfy ever single one. Regardless of what cake you choose, there will always be a couple of persons who will say things could have been better. This is no reason to let them ruin the most important day of your life. You should understand that it’s simply impossible to please everyone.

I am not saying that you should not take your guests’ opinions into account. After all, it’s them who are going to eat the cake, right? The solution is to limit the input. When choosing a cake choose no more than 2 people’s opinion or you will go nuts. You could create a poll to see what flavor most of the guests enjoy, but nothing more than that. It’s your wedding and it should be your decision in the end.

Choose a creative design

How the cake looks is just as important as how it tastes. You can choose something fancy and very expensive or you can keep it simple and elegant. This depends on what you are comfortably with. If you have any specific suggestions make sure to explain them to the baker. You should also keep an open mind about the things that the baker suggests. Sometimes your design is simply not doable and you must understand that it’s better to change the design instead am implementing a good design poorly.

Don’t be cheapPlay the lotto

When it comes to wedding cakes just like in many other cases, you get what you pay for. This means that the cake is not the place where you should cut your expenses. It’s a central element of the wedding and should be flawless. Now, the problem is that the most beautiful weddings cost a fortune and you may lack the money to do things as you’d like. What can you do in this situation?

The answer is simple: you play the lottery until you win. Maybe the big victory is closer than you think. Check out the Mega Millions latests results to see how big the jackpot is. That kind of money allows you to organize the wedding of your dreams. The big win may be a ticket away, so hurry up to purchase one. Happy gambling and good luck!



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